Documentary “No Impact Man” – Course Sustainable Development

Today in Sus. Development class, we watched an impressive documentary called, “No Impact man”, actually it is “No impact Family” because all the family members including his wife, daughter and their dog participated this experiment and last one year.

Take a look at the webpage below and find more information about this documentary!

Basically, the author addressed the idea “no impact” means less consumption and minimize waste production. It is a process that leads to a completely sustainable lifestyle. What could it be when life is without material goods or electricity? Can normal family survive under these conditions?  Think further a bit, in your everyday life, what is really necessary and what is not, a cup of takeaway Starbucks coffee or a China-box fast food ?  The way of living has been transformed dramatically in the recent decades, in our daily lives, many products are just a profitable item from marketing strategy that not only harms the environment but also our own health. Through this documentary, it helps us to think carefully about our lifestyles, what can we do to make a difference? A change starts from yourself! Enjoy the film!


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ESSET in Amsterdam! Experience the student life in The Netherlands!

On Tuesday 21st of November, several ESSET members contributing to social media project went on a trip together to the capital city of The Netherlands! This week there is only one day (three lessons…to be precise) of school is scheduled in the time table, therefore we had a chance to visit this famous/infamous?! city in the world.

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Photo: Stan

Luckily, ESSET program of AVANS University of Applied Science is located in Breda, which is a great geographical location, the city somehow symbolizes the front gate of the country and it is also known as the Benelux area. With this advantage, the fast train “Fyra” even begins from Breda, via Rotterdam to Schipol and all the way to Amsterdam, so it only took us 1hr 15min to arrive Amsterdam (54min to Schipol airport!). With normal “Intercity” trains will cost around 1hr 40min.

Another thing worthy to be mentioned here is that if you are from EU countries and also have a part time job besides school, you can apply for the ‘ov-chipcart’ then you can travel FREE of charge by bus and train throughout the country!! For non-EU students, you can also apply the ‘ov-chipcart’ , however there is only 40% discount on that card (but I think its good enough…lol! ).

Ok…after some background information about the trip, here’s what we did in Amsterdam that day. Since Rolands and I have already been to the city more than 3 times and the rest (Janis amd Leroy) have never been there before…….(Sep,2010 – Nov, 2011) So both of us guided them through the city and checked out some popular sites. The first place we visit was the Nemo museum, just 10 minutes walk from central station. (Picture 1 and 2 above)  There is a student price if you are interested to go! Then we walked to Rembrandt’s Square, Rembrandt is one of the famous Dutch artist, there you can see his statue in the center of the square. It’s quite a nice place there, many bars and several cinemas on the street. There was also a ‘mini-film festival’ event on the plaza.

Near by the plaza is the ‘Singel Flower Market” which means the flower market at the canals. You can see all kinds of tulip seeds on sale, a lot of tourist came to bring back some seeds! (photo is present at above)

Later on, we continued our walk through the city, we finally arrived at the famous logo of the city “I Amsterdam”! This logo is located at a very beautiful place – Museum Plaza, actually right in front of the National Museum. Not far away from the plaza is the Vincent van Gough museum (of course…everyone knows this crazy artist..! He is Dutch!)

After a short break, we were so hungry….like starving!!! So we walked all the way back to the city center (centrum) which took us about 25 min…We quickly entered the KFC next to Dam Square and had a satisfied meal….ohh right before food, we actually watched a comedian performing…haha intersting, AMS is such a free city, you can see a lot of cool things!  No surprise, you are probably getting bored about this entry….now’s the fun fun part!! Finally we visited the “RED light district” about 5-6 min walk from Dam Square…! Full of energy…after the meal in KFC, but nah it was only 15:30 in the afternoon, sun is still up there…..still Janis and Leroy really amazed about the “windows”, but their subconsciousness tell them to stay awake…lol.   Basically, there are all types of girl in the district, we also saw some very nice ones……hmmm maybe not?  Leroy was/is in dilemma…Janis was a bit hyper from the cake so he thought it was very weird…

Right before we head back to the station, next to the “DeBijenkorf” department store, there were like around 40-50 tents actually OCCUPY-ing the small plaza. It was a bit sad…I think it was because of the street artist across the road was playing somehow a sad song….as background music while we were there. Anyways, their arguments and claim were clear…but as a student, foreign student, how should we react on this kind of social issues?

So…after a day trip in Amsterdam, we all had a great time, the weather was fine sunny but a bit chilly. Nice architectures, comfortable apartments and cozy relaxing cafe’s makes Amsterdam such a fascinating city!! Follow us also on Youtube, you can see the videos we made that day!

BTW, Happy Thanks Giving!


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Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

The world is your playground.No one seems to be surprised these days if you say you work in Barcelona or are stationed in Paris. Because of world developments there is a growing demand for young internationally-oriented environmental specialists. You could be one of them.

The Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology (ESSET) programme is about environmental science with an international character. As a matter of fact you work together with students from all over the world. In our project based learning system you will study four years fully taught in English

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